Richard Daniel Clark
"Presidential Inaugural Artist"
Announcer, Game Show Host, Speaker and Author
and Creator of the
Richard was mute for the first four years
of his life -  overcame severe stuttering
and was determined to conquer his
speech to then spend over 25 years in
Broadcast Journalism.  
He studied basic education and
apprentice motor mechanics at Mortlake
Public School, Sydney, Australia.  

He moved to Niagara Falls, Canada with
his mother and siblings
following his father’s death at an early
age later moving to Hollywood....
...and where the rest is history!

Richard Daniel Clark -  An Australian émigré to
America that you would never forget either as the
Presidential Inaugural Artist of the art American Highrise
or Mr. Game Show, the sidekick to television game show
personality, Bob Eubanks.

For the time that Richard is scheduled to share his
testimony, he will leave you wanting to hear more.  His
humorous west coast way of talking with the Australian
accent will make your special event an unforgettable

Listen as he tells of his parents who had a love for
sharing the Gospel instrumental in starting churches in
Manchuria and Australia.  His father Andrew who studied
as an engineer in the Ukraine who with his family later
escaped communism and became an Australian Army
Chaplain serving with the Allied Forces in New Guinea
during World War II. Stories of his family living with the
Japanese during a time of extreme conditions in Harbin,

Richard takes you through how he talked his way into
television and landed a job producing a game show
within two weeks of moving to Los Angeles. He traveled
to Las Vegas to produce the show
Dealer's Choice
where he met several unusual characters.  Remember
Gong Show? Richard starred in and produced the
traveling version of the
Gong Show for Chuck Barris
. What a character!

On a serious note...Richard started a doodle on the
back of an American Airlines napkin while flying past
Manhattan.  That napkin doodle after 11 years of
refinement went on to become a masterpiece eight feet
in length and has the honor of marking the
Presidential Inaugural of America

As the
Presidential Inaugural Artist of America, Richard
Daniel Clark has met many dignitaries; Presidents,
Generals, Heads of State, Religious Leaders, and
Celebrities.  He has had the opportunity to speak in front
of many groups, American Red Cross, Veterans and
military Groups, Rotary and church congregations.   To
schedule Richard for your event, contact 417-655-5498
In front of the American Highrise Mural
Richard with Vice President Dan Quail
and Sue Ann O'Neal at College of the Ozarks
Pt. Lookout, MO  October 1996
The Clark's with Prime Minister Netanyahu of
Israel at College of the Ozarks
Pt. Lookout, Missouri  Oct. 1998
Richard signing an American Highrise Post Card
with Sgt. Maj. Tony Rose  looking on, 9/11 -  
Branson, 2008
Chuck and Jeannie Steele with
Richard in front of the First Baptist
Church, Mound Valley, KS
April 18, 2009
Click to hearRichard speaking in Branson
at the 9/11 Ceremony, 2009
The Clark's in Brisbane, Australia. Alick, Irene, George,
Tamara, Wally, Elizabeth, Mum, Irene Clark, holding
little Richard on her knee, 1948.  Victor was yet to be
born.  Father, Andrew is absent from the pic.
Presidential Inaugural Artist Richard Daniel Clark presented the
American Highrise to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.  From Left:  
Sue Ann O'Neal-Clark, Richard Daniel Clark, Representative of
Southwest Missouri--Lynn Morris, Governor of
Missouri--Jeremiah Jay Nixon,Pastor Michael Hamilton of HOPE of
Sparta.  September, 2014
American Highrise Foundation is a 501 ( c ) 3
Non-Profit Organization.  

The Foundation was created to "Honor and Support our
American Heroes".  We fund with sales of the art or by
accepting Donations.  All Donations are tax deductible.
Five United States Presidents have accepted an
American Highrise Presidential Art Print from
Richard Daniel Clark
In Honor of the Heroes of 9/11
Unveiled on Septemer 11, 2002
in Branson, Missouri on the back
wall of The Grand Palace Theatre