Our Church has enjoyed the ministry of Sue Ann O'Neal-Clark on several different
occasions.  Her singing is a blessing and her ministry in the Word is always fresh and
inspiring.  The talents of both Richard and Sue Ann have proven a blessing to us
and we will welcome them again.
--Pastor Don Phillips, Abundant Harvest Church, KC, KS
Whether she is performing for thousands on stage at a gospel concert, ministering to
the congregation of a small rural church, or leading small children in an impromptu
verse of Jesus Loves Me, Sue Ann O'Neal-Clark touches the heart and soul of the
folks that she comes in contact with.
--Pastor Michael Hamilton, Senior Pastor, HOPE of Sparta, Sparta, MO
I have been pastor at the Udall, Kansas Church of the Nazarene for over 20 years.  
Over the course of those years I have had many special guests speakers, singers,
and groups, but none can compare to the ministry team of Sue Ann O'Neal-Clark and
her husband Richard Daniel Clark.

We have had Sue Ann and Richard on several occasions at Udall, as well as being
the featured guests for a zone worship service.  They are always well-liked,
well-received and amongst the favorite of my congregation.

Sue Ann's music style is gospel, her voice angelic, and her sincerity and spirituality
authentic.  She is not there to entertain but to minister to the spiritual needs of your

And Richard's rich history; immigrant, son of refugee missionaries to China,
Hollywood producer, and inaugural artist, all give Richard a unique view of the world
and of the state of our own USA.  I always have Richard speak a few words at every
concert and am never disappointed.  I have said, "Richard can say more in five
minutes, than I can in 30."  You will be impressed by his insightful comments.

It is, therefore, my joy and privilege to highly recommend both Sue Ann O'Neal-Clark
and her husband Richard Daniel Clark to minister to your church.  You will not be
disappointed.---Sincerely, Rev. Samuel Lever, Udall Church of the Nazarene